Build. Serve. Grow 2016


Build.Serve.Grow, is one of the most exciting and challenging projects that we have shared at Manchaca UMC in several years. Our Sanctuary and other buildings were dedicated in 1987 and, since that time, we have served a great many families, and many of our children have grown up at MUMC.  The Sanctuary and other facilities have changed little since 1987 and our Trustees have now prayerfully invited all of the Manchaca UMC congregation to improve and renovate our existing facilities.  The time has come for each of us to invest in the future and build upon the vision of the faithful servants who dreamed big and, with guidance from the Holy Spirit, built what we enjoy today. The fund raising part of the program will last three years, begining on June 1, 2016 and ending in May 2019.

Answers to Many Questions.

This is a huge project and there are many questions to be answered such as, who is leading the program (Rick & Glenna Bowman - see their message on the left side of this page), how much money do we need to raise, and what specific improvements will be made etc., so we have put together an information sheet to address those most frequently asked questions. Please click on the "Fact Sheet" in the left of this page.

How to donate to Build.Serve.Grow

You will be able to donate to the Build.Serve.Grow program in all of the ways that you are currently able to give to Manchaca UMC, including setting up a recurring giving program. Please visit our "Giving" page for details.  You can also find a committment card for this program at the link on the left side of this page.