MUMC is about building relationships in our families, neighborhoods, and communities near and far. Serving each other and those we do not know builds friendships, integrity, faith, and hope for a world that all people have value and are worthy of God’s love.

Serving those in need is the essence of Christian life.

Giving our time, talent, and just being fully present to listen to another person and offer comfort, not only benefits them, it will change and enrich your life.

Jesus offers these words, “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

The renowned poet and song writer Bob Dylan sang “Well it might be the devil, or it might be the Lord, but ya gonna have serve somebody.”

When you become part of something bigger than yourself, amazing things can happen.

At MUMC, amazing things happen frequently – come, be a part of something that is uncommon – we will benefit from you, and our community will be much better through our combined service to one another.

Current Service Opportunities

Find out more about how you can serve today! LEARN MORE »

Community Outreach Events

MUMC holds many community events throughout the year, come and join us to celebrate the seasons. LEARN MORE »

Local Missions

If you can’t do a mission trip, then why not volunteer right here in your own community... LEARN MORE »


Get connected to God and others and make a difference in the world.  Come...serve God with us! LEARN MORE »

Kids in Mission

We believe that disciples of all ages have the ability to love and serve others in the name of Jesus Christ. We offer mission opportunities for our youngest children up through our youth ministry. LEARN MORE »

Eco-Faith Initiative

EFI is developed around the idea of environmental stewardship both in our Church and in the surrounding community... LEARN MORE »

Community Garden

We are creating this garden for the community to come together around. The MUMC pilot garden is located in the back field adjacent to the church pavilion. All are welcome... LEARN MORE »